Fresh New Braids

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sooooo much has changed in the last week.  I started a new job! (without really any notice and I'm still working my night job for two weeks at the same time because of this).  I also decided to re-braid my hair!  I wanted to do something different (as usual) and I came up with the idea:  Ombre Braids!  So I went online and found some awesome braiding hair, straight from China yo!  (

I think this will be the last time I braid my hair for a while.  I have been concerned that my hair might need a break.  Sometime if not taken care of correctly braids can be damaging.  So after I finished unbraiding my old braids I made sure to quality check my hair.   I am very happy to report that my hair is much healthier than it was six months ago, and it has grown so much!
Before I got braids, I used to put a very powerful relaxer in my hair every six weeks to help me straighten my hair.  That, combined with my flat iron, was causing my hair to break off so it seemed like it just stopped growing!  I LOVE my braids because it has become a protective hair style that allows me to grow out my relaxer while protecting it from heat and breakage (aka, my flat iron).  

*Braided by Alexis Jobe at Design Studio
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  1. Your hair looks great! My hair won't grow in the back from my years of getting relaxers. I don't even think parts are long enough to get braids. It's like I have a bald spot and to make matters worse, I play with the short hair in that area which is probably breaking it as well. I don't know what to do.

    1. Thanks! You can always do the braids Ravaughn got (the singer):

  2. Love your twist. Thanks to share this best information with us. Can we do braids with twist? Check this out!