Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Every morning I wake up and I ask myself, "What do I feel like wearing today?"  My clothing gives me a sense of comfort and security.  Sometimes I feel like a funky tomboy, and sometimes I feel really girly.  I don't fit into any one category because there's always so much going on in my head.

For this comfortable and girly look, I went to Forever 21 and grabbed this skirt:

I almost passed it up because it was so plain and wrinkly.  I think this is a rare find in a store like forever 21.

I love this blue Mossimo satchel I got at Target (here)!  It brightens up any outfit and brings a funky flare.

The cardigan, I found at H&M years ago.  This is an easy find that should be essential to every girl's wardrobe.

I got these awesome shoes at a long time ago (Blowfish Malibu).

The shirt was a hand-me-down from a friend.  I tied it in the back to accentuate my waist and voila, and easy breezy girly look topped with my favorite hat.
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  1. Love your fedora n' ensemble!