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Monday, March 10, 2014

Working in film and television in Los Angeles, you'll find yourself surrounded by people who have traveled here from across the country to find success.  It's odd, but in my career so far it's rare to find individuals who were born and raised here like myself.  I have a great appreciation of this because it brings so many different personalities and cultures to my front door step.

Many people come here with stars in their eyes only to find that Los Angeles might not be as glamorous as they thought.  I think that's where a lot of my style comes from.  I like to mix glamour with funk and the result is something that is difficult to identify.

I got this Cat Tribal Crop Top at Love Culture.  I love the cat face.  No I'm not a crazy cat lady, but if I was would that be terrible? 

The Sandal Wedges I got at old faithful Call It Spring.  I love the fierce old 70s vibe these are giving me.  

BTW, Call It Spring is currently having an awesome 50% off sale on boots so check it out:
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