A Makeover for Melody

Monday, July 22, 2013

Meet one of my dearest friends, Melody.  She is a piano teacher who owns a studio in Torrance, CA and lives in Hollywood, CA.  Check out her website here! http://www.pianobymelody.com/ 
Melody and I met back in high school.  We'd giggle at our sometimes goofy Chemistry teacher together.  

Anywho, Melody has been dealing with a lot lately.  She used to be one of the most fashionable people I knew, but in recent years with all the stress of starting a small business, fashion was no longer one of her top priorities.

So I chose her to be the subject of my first makeover feature on this blog!  Here's our story...
We started off the day with some yummy snacks and mimosas, because...why not?
One of the easiest things someone can do to instantly upgrade their appearance is to get their eyebrows threaded/waxed.  So this was the first thing we tackled.
We were on a very tight budget, so we made our first stop at Forever 21.  Melody and I started a board on Pinterest so I could get an idea of what kind of look she would be going for.
"Everything must go!" That's always a nice sight for shoppers on a tight budget.  Here at American Basics, we found a pair of pants for $10.
 Next up, we had to take care of Melody's hair.  She has been growing it out and hadn't trimmed it in forever.  We made a stop at Super Cuts to stay within budget (wash and cut for $20).  I directed the stylist how to cut her hair so she could easily wear it curly or straight.  Melody has a natural "silver" highlight so I chose a medium bob that would showcase her streak.  Grey hair is a new trend!  Just look at Rhianna!
Here I am on a style safari on Melrose, digging through piles of trendy clothes that might fit Melody's style and budget.  I found a few items for myself :) but no luck for Melody :(

The whole purpose of this makeover was to show you that you don't need to spend a lot of time and money to create an attractive look.  A lot of girls don't even bother with makeup, but I only spend about 5 minutes a day applying my makeup.  We found Melody's makeup essentials at Target, spending a total of $30. 

Outfit #1

We found this dress at Forever 21 for $18.  The empire waist fits Melody well, and gives her body a bit more length.

Outfit #2

We found this flowy skirt at Forever 21 for $23.  This skirt also has a high waisted cut.  Melody has recently lost a lot of weight, and is still working towards her goal.  So for now we went for a top that she would feel comfortable in (Zara $15).

Outfit #3

Last, but not least, we created this fun look with a top from Zara ($10), and funky blue pants from American Basics ($10).  Melody already had these cool yellow shoes that she ordered off of Zappos.com ($80).

So there you have it.  For the haircut, eyebrows, makeup, and clothing (three outfits total), we spent a approximately $135.00 (not including the shoes Melody already owned).  I'd say that's pretty awesome!
So let this be inspiration for you to take that extra step when it comes to your personal fashion.  I came across this quote when I was on Instagram today: "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." - Edith Head

*Photos by Leigh Gaston Photography
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