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Monday, July 15, 2013


I love theme parks!  But more importantly, I'm a Disneyland Annual Passport holder! It's the happiest place on earth!!  So I think it's appropriate for me to share some fashion tips on how to stay comfortable yet cute when attending any theme park.

#1 - Wear comfortable shoes
I can't stress this enough.  On an average day you'll spend at least three to five hours on your feet.  Don't be that person who starts complaining because you had to wear the cute sandals.

#2 - Bring a hands free purse
Constantly adjusting your purse straps can become very annoying, and the uneven pressure on your back does not feel good after a few hours.  I usually pack light, and make sure I come with a purse that can hang easily accross my shoulders without giving it another thought.

#3 - Be festive!
This is more specifically a Disneyland thing.  Find Mickey Ears!  They're awesome.

I found this dress at a store on Melrose and it was only $30.  I wore black jean shorts underneath my flowy see-through dress (Nordstrom BP $30).  I got the shoes from for $35 (I've had those for years).  The purse I found at a store called J.Dew ($25).  Last but not least, my Minnie ears, which cost approximately $12  :)

*Photos by Melody Garber and Leigh Gaston
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