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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My friends have been wonderful and have helped me with most of the photography for this blog.  I am always the Director of Photography, but they take my direction well and have remained very patient with my bossiness :)  However, I do take the time to operate the camera myself and produce my own self portraits for my Wednesday blog posts.  It's a challenge I enjoy as a photographer.  I push myself on a weekly basis to create a new a palette of self expression.

My Grandmother loved butterflies.  I live in her place now and although I've made many upgrades, the bathroom still has this shiny butterfly wallpaper that is probably around 30 years old.  I can't bring myself to take it down.  It certainly is unique and it reminds me of her spirit every time I look at it.   

The butterflies are very feminine so I found some portraits of some of my favorite old female stars and framed them.  Being a native of Los Angeles, I am a fan of old Hollywood glamour and it's a great inspiration to see these lovely ladies when I am getting ready for the day.

My grandmother was a lovely lady as well and I feel that I am like her in many ways. I am happy to be living in her old place, making it my own but keeping her spirit alive.

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  1. That wallpaper is sick and your grandmother's a babe! You look just like her!

    Brittanny //