If You Know Me, You Know I Love My Earrings

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 Real, fake, ghetto-fabulous, I do LOVE my earrings... And I like them BIG (ha!).  One day, I'll be able to afford solid gold and platinum earrings, maybe :-P  But for now I stick with my cheapies:

1.  Forever 21 $5.99
2.  Forever 21 $3.99
3.  J-Dew $7.99
4.  Call It Spring $3.99
5.  J-Dew $7.99

How can I consistently wear such big heavy earrings!?  Well, a few years ago I found this awesome product called "Lobe Wonder".  They are earring support patches that enable me to wear my gigantic earrings with comfort.  You can order them here on drugstore.com:

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