What? No Makeup?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Well, maybe a LITTLE makeup.  People who know me are very aware of how I like to dress on a regular basis.  But I do cherish those days when I have time to chillax, run errands, and take my dog for a walk.  I don't start work until 6pm, so this happens just about everyday :)

So this is something I'd typically wear on a laid back day, before I get dressed.  I found this cool hamburger shirt at Forever 21 for $12 and it's super comfortable.  I'll usually get a larger size, perfect for lounging.  

I found this cool camo vest at Wet Seal for $30 that I can pair with any t-shirt and leggings.  I think it helps me not look like a complete bum on my lazy days.

The only makeup I am wearing here is blush (to bring out some color in my face), an eyebrow pencil because I have the thinnest eyebrows ever, and a bit of lip gloss.
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