Effing Aladdin Pants

Monday, December 2, 2013

I saw this really cool girl from China rocking some harem pants at work a few weeks ago, and I had to have them!  "They're from China" she says.  Of course!  The American version of harem pants are just kinda boring to me.  So I went online and found these pants on etsy.com, straight from India!  STRAIT FROM INDIA YO.

I paired them with some ridiculous fake glasses I got from Love Culture for $5.  I've had this comfy LOVE PINK sweatshirt for a while now.  This is an example of how you can wear a hood-less sweatshirt!

 I got these shoes from the ever reliable Zappos.com a few years ago.  I needed new flats, so I searched for flats by the exact size and color I needed :)

Lastly, I got my cool rings from Varga.
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